Staff and students of Sakaguchi Lab joined the MCRG+AWCC Miraijuku, which was held for better communication and exchange between MCRG and AWCC members on 11/16/2017.

To improve the communication and exchange between students and staff from MCRG and AWCC.

Nov. 16th, 13:00~19:45

UAC 100th ANNIVERSARY HALL @ UAC Alliance Center

Part I: Lecture (13:00~15:30)
・ Introduction of MCRG and AWCC from Prof. Yamao and Prof. Takada (15min × 2)
・ Lecture from Prof. Karasawa and Prof. Akiba (45min × 2)

Part II: Group work (15:30~17:00)
・ Group discussion based on the lecture
・ 6~7 students/group

Part III: Party (17:45~19:45)
・ Party
・ Group work presentation