COI Testbed

COI (Centre of Innovation Science and Technology based Radical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program) is a national program to continually support highly challenging researches. In this program, Tokyo Institute of Technology is assigned as a core institute of “Happiness Co-creation Society through the program of “Ishin-Denshin Intelligent Communication”. Our laboratory attends this project to establish wireless sensor networks including wireless power supplying technologies.

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are expected to be employed for many kinds of applications. We have been focusing on power supply problem of sensor nodes, localization system and LED light control system, and we are considering to use these technologies in wide range of fields such as self-care and indoor-autonomous driving robot. We will employ the COI testbed for conducting validation experiments of the proposed system.

Figure. 1 WSNs in COI testbed

Figure. 2 WSNs application – Autonomous Robot

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