mmWave Edge Cloud System for 5G (5G-MiEdge)

Introduction – What’s 5G-MiEdge ?

In future wireless systems, e.g. 5G & beyond, realization of low latency under restricted backhauling constraints are key problems. As a solution, this research project attempts to establish a new concept based on the combination of ultra-broadband mmWave communications and mobile edge computing (MEC). This project on 5G cellular networks employing mmWave edge clouds is under the collaborative research between Japan and Europe.

Concept of mmWave Edge Cloud System

Fig.1 shows the system architecture. Small cell base station (BS) is equipped with an edge cloud server with storage and computation resources, that enables traffic mitigation in the wired backhaul and low latency necessary in mission-critical applications such as self-driving cars and virtual reality, by prefetching/cashing of data transmitted through high speed wireless mmWave backhaul.

Fig. 1 mmWave edge cloud based 5G cellular system architecture

Analysis of mmWave Edge Cloud System Using A Practical Model

To evaluate the effect of the edge cloud, numerical simulations are carried out by using a new cellular model adopting moving user scenario, utilizing Winner II based geometrical stochastic channel generator ‘Quadriga’, developed by Fraunhofer, HHI, Germany. This model adopts mmWave heterogeneous network (HetNet) (Fig.2) in which several small cells (hotspots) supported by a micro BS equipped with the edge cloud are distributed over a legacy macro cell.

Fig.2 Overview of mmWave HetNet with edge cloud

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